Saturday, July 9, 2016

Peach Festival

Peach Festival June 26th
Davey pretending to be the baby! haha

Spiderman was there!

Clara and David did most of the bounce houses and obstacle courses.

This brave one loves the tall, steep slide.  He did it last year when he was 2 as well.  Feels crazy to think we let him go down that big slide when he was only 2, but he's so fearless he makes you believe he can do it.  And he did!

peaches for days

Davey has been into "reading" Emma books.  It's so sweet.

And he loves when anyone reads books to him!  So glad auntie Jenna is home now!

precious baby

Ha!  David is even squeezing Emma cheek while posing for a picture.  Both him and Clara cannot stop squeezing her cheeks!  They just smother love her so much. ;)

Emma's first slumber party! :)  Davey wasn't feeling well one night so the girls both slept with Mama while Daddy stayed with David.

My sweet cousin Susan is home from doing long-term missionary work overseas.  It was so special to get to celebrate her birthday with her this year!

second cousins Emma (10 weeks) and Kennady (5 weeks)

love these little monkeys

My newborn looks so big in this picture already!  Such a sugar pie.

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