Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Grandma's Funeral

We spent Friday and Saturday with family celebrating my grandmother's beautiful life.  I really love my extended family and it was so good to see them all.  All 13 of my grandma's children, all 36 of her grandchildren (at least for either Friday or Saturday), and 50 of her 55 great-grandchildren were there.  The vast majority of everyone's spouses and significant others were there as well.  There were also many other extended family members and friends in attendance.  The church literally had overflow seating set (and filled) up.  Needless to say, my grandma was very much loved.  The best part of the weekend was sharing memories together on Friday evening.  I was super honored that some of the words I wrote last week were used as part of her eulogy, along with those of other family members.  The same priest who delivered the eulogy at my grandpa's funeral traveled from out of state to deliver the eulogy for my grandma.  My grandma and grandpa were married over 76 years ago in the same church where their funerals were held.  That is pretty amazing.

a stained glass window in the church

at Grandma's wake Friday

My incredibly thoughtful girlfriends sent this beautiful plant.

Davey and my cousin David :)

I had the honor, along with my brothers and cousins, of carrying Grandma's casket to her burial site.  Thank you so much Susan for snapping these pictures!

Love you so much Grandma!

my family <3

48 of 55 great-grandchildren

35 of 36 grandchildren

Grandma's 13 children
Unfortunately I missed snapping a picture of the 13 children with their spouses.  If anyone got a good one I'd love it if you could email or text it to me. :)

Emma & Emma
These two beauties were both named after their great-grandma. <3

back at Grandma's house
I'm really going to miss it there...


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