Wednesday, July 27, 2016

T-Ball and BBX

Davey's first T-ball game July 11th <3

I love watching Michael coach.  Is there anything more attractive than an involved daddy?  I don't think so...

I FINALLY got thank you cards and birth announcements sent out.  Clara offered to color flowers on all of the thank yous.  Love.

We finally got Ocean World set up for Emma July 17th.  She loves it just like Clara and Davey did.

My siblings and nieces and nephew came over that night.  Atika played with Clara's doll house for most of the evening. :)

Haddie Jo does the cutest wave.

biggest cousin, littlest cousin

Davey's 2nd game

Emma is 3 months old already!

We attended and helped with our church's Backyard Bible School (also called BBX) July 19th an 20th.

Jake and Daniel dropped Atika off to join us and spend the night. :)

This year's theme was "building faith."  The kiddos loved Lego Man!

Isaac & Davey :)

Clara & Matthew :)

I'm documenting Emma putting her thumb between her pointer and middle fingers here because both Clara and Davey always did that as babies as well. :)

so fun having their big cousin spend the night

The kiddos all sang happy birthday to our dear friend Cherish night two of Backyard Bible School.

Love her!



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