Sunday, July 10, 2016

Storybook Land 2016

Last Saturday we drove to Aberdeen to meet up with Michael's sister Emily at Storybook Land.  It became a special place for us to take the kids when we lived in Aberdeen.  It had been two years since we've taken the kids there in 2014.

Here's a flash back to 2013...

...and 2012 when I was 40 weeks pregnant with David :)

And here we are this year... 

Davey couldn't take his eyes off Jack and the beanstalk. :)

auntie Em

Emma'a first time at Storybook Land :)

"E" for Emma

Does Davey not look like he should BE this nursery rhyme character?!!  Is it Jack from "Jack be nimble...?"

little brother and sister...

big brother and sister ;) 

We're off to see the wizard...

little munchkins

Storybook Land put in a rollercoaster since last time we were there.  Of course Davey wanted to ride it.

LOVE.  What a fun kid he is.

about to ride the train with these beautiful people

Such a fun time!  Until next year...


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