Sunday, July 31, 2016

Canaries Game, Fishing and the Zoo

Checking each other out. :)  We pulled the bumbo chair out for Emma to try.  

Thursday evening was Michael's company picnic at the Canaries game.  Unfortunately Clara woke up with a temperature that day, so it turned into a boys night out.  They had the best time!

Emma and I stayed home with our Clara.  Her temperature didn't stop us from getting in several games of Four in a Row and Bingo! :)

Clara insisted Emma get her own Bingo card. ;)

dress up :)

Friday night Michael took David and Clara fishing and they caught about a dozen fish!

I guess Michael was having her hold her fish's line for a picture and the fish started to wiggle.  You can see how Clara felt about that! ;)

Clara is always wanting to hold Emmy.

Emma has been checking out her hands the past several days.  Oh, sweet baby! <3

We went to the zoo yesterday!  Emma slept through most of her first time at the zoo, but she did wake up towards the end.

The bear came right up near us and went for swim while we were there which was pretty exciting for my crew!  Clara and David love the zoo maps so much!  Davey insisted on sleeping with his last night. ;)

The parrot said hello while we walked by so we had to come say hi!

Emma was really checking the birds out!

my little climbers

Clara said, "one last picture, Mama" and hopped up and posed by the statue.  #sheishermother'schild

yummy baby

We spent the evening with Jessie, Chelsea, Brenda and their families!  So fun to see everyone!

Mason and Davey were fast friends :)

This sweet pea has been all smiles today as usual.  She was melting everyone's hearts at church, smiling at everyone who looked at her.

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