Thursday, July 7, 2016

Teapot Days 2016

We have a fun tradition going where Jacob and Zachary stay with us the weekend of Teapot Days every year.  We celebrate Zachary's birthday, go swimming, go to the parade, usually check out the craft fair, and go to the carnival.  My sister Jenna, mom, and nephew Isaac also joined us this year.  Billy, Heather, Haddie, Ben, Gabby, Avery, and Jordan also came over for supper Friday evening.

Click below to see our fun from previous years.

We started the fun weekend off at the pool Friday evening, June 17th.  These two are the cutest.

Davey has started doing cannonballs into the pool. :)  He's so fun and such a little fishy.

Unfortunately our swimming was short lived because it started thundering and raining.  We waited it out for awhile to see if it would clear up but it did not.  So much for the tractor pull!

We hurried back to our vehicles when the rain let up briefly.

Haddie Jo checking Emma out

Oh my goodness, these three baby girl cousins are too sweet.  This is their first picture all together.

How cute is this?!  Kisses for Emma!  I'm so excited to watch these three grow up together.

Happy 13th birthday Zachary!  I can't believe he's a teenager!

singing "Happy Birthday"

Saturday morning we went to the parade.

I had to wake this sweet one to go.

picnic lunch

the whole crew

Emma was such a trooper all day!  She was exactly 2 months old that day.

We snapped this picture quick and then got Emma to the shade.


these crazies ;)

Isaac & Davey loved this wild ride!

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