Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Baby Angus & the Children's Museum

I loved getting to meet and cuddle my good friend Jessie's new baby boy Angus!  He was just 3 days old (June 19th)!  (And how gorgeous does mama look 3 days after giving birth?!)

Hey there, little buddy.

Avery and Isaac came over to play!

Avery was getting tired and crawled right up on uncle's lap when he got home from work. 😊

hanging at the pool

Michael, Jessica and I took all of of the kiddos to the children's museum while the Davids got settled into their new home.  They are trying astronaut food right here.

I love this little crew so much!

We watched Dream Big: Engineering our World in the CineDome.

Emma cosleeps with us most of the night and she loves to be snuggled right into mama.  I love these cuddles!

I love this sweet girl.  She always has a friend snuggled up with her when I check on her at night.

Having a blast at the pool!

Clara and Davey are becoming such little swimmers this summer.  It's so fun to watch.

Loved getting to see my sister on her stop home from New Mexico to California.

Grilling food and hanging out with friends is my favorite thing to do!

We stopped at the neighborhood park on the way home.

And look!  My baby girl is getting her first big girl tooth.  That baby tooth is getting more and more wiggly!

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