Sunday, July 9, 2017

Teapot Days, Father's Day & Peach Festival

I love our Teapot Days tradition with my littlest brothers.  They come stay with us for the weekend and we take in all of the Teapot Days festivities and celebrate Zachary's birthday.  Unfortunately Jacob couldn't join us this year due to work and other plans (because seventeen!), but we had the best time with Zach!  He ended up staying four days.

The whole crew ready for the carnival June 15th!

The boys started with bumper cars...

...while the girls rode the carousel!  This was Emma's first carousel ride.  She loved it!

They had lots of new, fun rides for the kids this year.

They each got to pick one treat!  Clara pronounces hers "hotten candy" with an "h" and I have no intention of correcting her.  Love those little girl moments when she's doing so many big girl things lately.

Clara rode the big ferris wheel this year!  She's usually not up for it, but she decided to be extra brave even though she was still nervous.

Davey and Zachy on the other side.

Davey is not afraid!  This ride raised them up high and dropped them over and over.

Riding the carousel one more time.  Baby girl loved it!


Happy 14th birthday uncle Zachary!  We love you!

Happy Father's Day to this wonderful man.  We are so thankful for him.

Clara, David
Clara's watercolors bled a little more than the finger paint, but I love how these turned out!

Peach Festival 2017!

Love my littlest brother!

We got our peaches!  Delish!

Moana and Clara 💜

Davey & Spiderman shooting their web 💙

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