Thursday, July 20, 2017


This week we've gotten to spend time with some of my brothers and all of our nieces and nephew.  We got together with some very dear high school friends who we don't get to see often enough.  And we've spent lots of time playing ball.  Life is good.

Cousins!  These kiddos had fun playing together Monday at our home.

Love my brothers.

Davey had quite the cheering section at his game Monday.

We hopped over to Milky Way after the game.  Daniel took these two pictures.  I love having photo and video-minded siblings.

Tuesday we got together with the Chase's and Albert!  Clara and Davey played and watched Toy Story with Caleb.  I love how Clara is holding Jessie, Caleb is holding Woody and Davey is holding Buzz Lightyear.  So sweet!

So wish Natalia could have joined us!  It made my heart so happy to get to spend time with these high school friends.

We cheered Daddy on at his softball game Tuesday night.  I love the atmosphere at softball/baseball games and it was especially fun getting to watch Michael play.  He's still got it. 😉

Clara played T-ball tonight.  We're spending all our time at the ball fields lately and we love it!

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