Wednesday, July 19, 2017

T-ball and Cousins

Sunday swims are our favorite.

Clara loves this 100 piece puzzle.  We got it for her as a prize for learning to count to 100 during kindergarten.

I guess her morning scrambled eggs weren't enough, ha!  (I was cleaning out the cupboards and had the bread sitting on a chair.)

T-ball season started July 10th!  Davey and coach Daddy were warming up.

Davey's best buddy Brecken is on his team, so that's super fun!

Davey did a somersault onto first base after his first hit.  Such a goof!

Clara is the best little mama.  She helped keep Emma happy during the game.

I LOVE her scrunched nose cheesy smile so much!

We were so happy to get to hang out with cousins and celebrate lots of birthdays this past Wednesday!

Reunited and it feels so good!  Loved catching up with my cousin.  Arizona looks good on you, Laura!

Davey said he wants Isaac and Jase to come to his birthday party, too!

the sweetest girls!

Kierstyn and Clara were pretty inseparable.

Emma and Kennady are just 5 weeks apart. 💜

So excited to celebrate Gretchen and Matthew getting married over the next few months! 

picnic at the park

Clara's first ever T-ball game.  I love watching Michael coach our kiddos' teams.

playing first base

We played at the park after swimming this past Sunday.

We were spotting Emma down the slide and she kept saying "weeee" as she went down. 😂

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