Friday, July 14, 2017

Twins Game on the 4th of July

This past spring we bought tickets to the Twins vs. Angels game on July 4th.  There's not much my husband loves more than his Twins, so we were excited to see them play in person this summer at Target Field.  We decided to make it a mini vacation and drove to the cities the morning before.  We brought the kids to Como Park Zoo for the first time, had supper at Brit's Pub and swam in the hotel pool.  It was a great little family getaway!

And we're off!  I love how you can see Emma smiling in the mirror.

We drove right to the zoo.  We were surprised to see that there was a whole amusement park attached to the zoo!

We especially liked seeing the animals that are not at our zoo at home, like the seals.

The polar bear was the best part!

Davey and I rode the swings on the way out. 😊

My cousin Kelly (who lives in Minneapolis) recommended we eat at Brit's Pub and it happened to be just one block from our hotel.

We spent the evening swimming at the hotel.

The Twins game was a 1:00 the next day.  The kids and I took a few pictures while we waited for Michael to park the car.  Some nice lady asked if she could take a picture of me and the kids.

Emma's first Twin's game

And just for fun, here's Davey's first Twin's game in 2015!

And Clara's first Twins game in 2011!

We sat in the family section so our seats came with a hotdog and drink! 

This picture cracks me up!  I told Emma to say cheese and she gave me the cheesiest smile.  Love.

We drove home after the game, picked up supper, and ate it on our balcony while we watched the neighborhood fireworks.  Then we did a few of our own!

Auntie Jenna came by the next afternoon while we were packing to go camping.  Such a sweet picture.

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