Saturday, July 15, 2017

Life Group Camping Trip

Last week we joined our life group friends for our 2nd annual camping trip to Newton Hills.  Last year we just went for the day because Emma was so little, so we were happy to be there for the whole thing this year.  And we got a cabin!  All the praise hands!  Access to air conditioning in our own space made it sooo much better than tenting!

We were packed to the brim!  Going camping for 3 nights with a family of 5 is akin to moving apparently.

Our cabin was tucked back from the other campsites down this little path.

We had a beautiful site!  It was super quiet.  The only downfall was we weren't directly by our friends' sites, but we were close!

Clara and Davey wanted to try out the top bunk in the cabin right away.

Big Stella helped Clara catch fireflies. 😊

the four-year-olds 💜

Sitting around the campfire with your people is the best.

You have to make s'mores when camping!

The first morning Emma slept until 11:15!!  She had had two late nights in a row with the 4th of July and then our first night camping and girlfriend made up for it!  When she finally woke up we got our swimsuits on to go meet our friends at the lake.  The deck off our cabin was basically up in the trees.  It was such an awesome feeling to wake up to that.

Clara and Davey loved swimming in the lake!

Daddy just dipped Emma's feet in the water.

The Christoffers brought this amazing screen tent for the kids to play inside of away from the bugs.

And the Fedders brought a bounce house!!  Look at those three cuties!

Sweet Stella was playing peek-a-boo with Emma. 💜

These three got the wood ready for a fire!

S'mores for the win!

Emma's first bite!


Ready to go Friday morning!  Davey was our late sleeper (till 10:30!) that day!  Playing outside literally all day will wear a little buddy out!

Ready for a hike!

Love, love, love these ladies!

There were lots of huge dandelions along the hiking path.  My goodness, I love her!

And this cute, little guy with his hiking stick!

The Fedders 😊

The Van Duyns 😊

half of the Christoffers 😊

and us!

Michael took the big kids fishing while Emma and I went on a long walk with the girls.  Clara caught eight fish, Michael five and Davey two!  They saved a couple to eat.

Bomb pops from Mary!

outdoor movie

Our last night!  So glad the Halladays were able to stay.

Morning cuddles are the best!

Such fun with our friends!  Already looking forward to our trip together next year!

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