Friday, February 7, 2014

Davey 6-8 months, Clara 2 years

Here we are in Spring 2013 (mid-March to mid-May).  We had a lot of fun including going to the circus, Davey's 1st Easter, and several trips to Storybook Land to name a few!

Cherry Berry - I wish I had some right now!  Pretty sure Davey is checking out the lights.

riding her horsey

kiwi and apples

at Mommy & Me dance class

Auntie Em came with us to the circus.  Note to self:  do NOT bring 6 month old to the circus.  However, Clara loved it!

Clara and I rode an elephant!

She also rode a pony.

Easter Egg hunt

the Ellingson boys in blue

my yummy little sweet one

tired after fun at Grandma & Grandpa Ellingson's

Easter 2013 - We love our little bunnies!

decorating eggs

braving the chilly weather for some fresh air

swimming at the YMCA

Davey pulled himself up to standing in his crib.  We lowered his mattress that night!

They love each other.

my little chef

bouncing baby boy joy

on our way to our last Mommy and Me dance class of the season

pushing his walker with a spot from Daddy

pulling himself up on everything at 7 months

1st time swinging - at the park in Jasper, MN

Clara loves the twirly whirly slides.

uncle Jacob

with Grandma Ann playing Yahtzee

We love Great Grandma Bisson!

Jacob set up a challenging crocket course in Grandma's backyard.

uncle Zachary

Zachy was my original baby.  Actually that's not true.  I think each of my younger siblings was my baby until the next one came along!

brothers & sister

meeting Layton and visiting the Bakkers'

Levi, Davey, Clara & Layton

these two :)

out for a bike ride

evening nap outside in the swing

The ball popper is very fun!

Amelia & Jessica came to visit us!  We ate lunch, played outside and went to Storybook Land!

at uncle Billy's surprise 30th birthday party (also celebrating his engagement to Heather and Heather's LPN graduation)

Mommy's Day was spent at Storybook Land

about to go down the Jack and Jill slide

Having a playdate with my friend Cyndal from work and her little ones.  Davey and Beckett were born 1 day apart!  Clara is telling Liam here, "This is my boy, that is your boy." :)  Then the next day she said, "There were two babies at the park.  It's too many.  I can't hold them all." ;)

swinging in the blanket

Melgaard Park


morning snuggles

This picture makes me laugh.  He is so yummy.  He doesn't even look real here; he looks like a dolly.

our brave adventurer at the park

Clara LOVED Humpty Dumpty A LOT last summer and would say his nursery rhyme over and over.

my little prince sitting outside the castle at Storybook Land

8 months old

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