Sunday, February 23, 2014

This past month...

has been busy!  We sold our house in Aberdeen and moved to Tea.  At this point I consider us professional movers.  We've moved nine times in less than eight years of marriage.  That's an average of less than a year in between moves!  Needless to say, I'm ready to retire from the profession.  We are currently in an apartment (that we love!) and hopefully only one more move (into a long-term house) is in our foreseeable future.  But until we find our "forever home" we are staying put… right God? ;)  So as I'm sure you know, moving is a lot of work.  We are finally feeling (almost) settled and really feel at home coming back to the Sioux Falls area.  We've been cleaning and unpacking, jumped right back in with our old church which we love, have visited a few friends, and Michael spends most of every day doing school work.  He's taking his final 18 credits for his Computer and Network Security bachelor's degree so he can graduate in May.  We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am so proud of him for his diligence and determination to finish his degree.  We are praying his degree will open the door for a great, career job!

So these pictures highlight this past month for us...

Clara and Jillian wearing similar Target shirts. :)  Not the first time - they wore the same dress for their Christmas program.  Our sweet small group from church in Aberdeen threw us a going away pizza party.

Liam & Davey

my beautiful sister-in-law Emily
We miss living near her already!

My sweet friend Erica was a Godsend angel friend who I met shortly after we both moved to Aberdeen August of 2012.  She has been such a blessing to me.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again when we visit this summer.

one last play date at Liam's house

Clara and her puppy family snuggled in for a nap.

hanging out in the cupboard

Had to get a picture of this frequent game at our house where one or both of the kids would sit on the fridge and "jump" to Daddy over and over.

Just about ready to go!

Davey helping take the bed frame apart. ;)

All loaded up thanks to help from friends and family!

Davey checking out the dryer at our new home.

I had a rare day without my babes and piled in a car with family and drove to the cities to celebrate my beautiful cousin Kelly at her baby shower.

She looks fantastic!

One day for a few hours I got to take care of my sweet friend Jessica's little ones.  So I had a 3 month old and 1, 2 and 3 year olds.  It actually went really well, especially since baby Will smiles nonstop.

Grandpa Ellingson came for a short visit.  He volunteered to drive our second car down to us after we moved.  He's the sweetest.

Since we moved our babies have been napping and going to bed together at night.  It's pretty precious and we're hoping it will help them both sleep better to have a snuggle buddy.

Our church had a bowling party so we took the kids bowling for the first time.  They loved it!  I think the last time we went bowling was the night I went into labor with Clara! :)

Oh yeah!

my little superheros

Super Readers

I loved getting to meet baby Ellie and see her mama Renae!  What a beauty.

Clara and Amelia watching Curious George

I didn't get to hold her near enough.  Can't wait for their next visit!

Valentine's Day cookies - Clara helped decorate them.

making Valentines

my 3 loves

Since we moved the kids have become obsessed with "helping" me vacuum.  

It's serious business. ;)

My forever Valentine.  Michael and I had such a nice night snuggling and watching a movie.  We've been so busy those nights are too few and far between.

My little artist.  Her favorite colors are purple and green.  We are out of green paint so she had fun learning that blue and yellow make green.

They have this adorable mini piano in the nursery at church.

Our tired little one.

Finally a nice day to play in the snow!

I'm enjoying his curls because we're taking him to get his first hair cut soon.  We love his hair but it is starting to get too long and out of control.  It's time.  I'll try not to cry. :)

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