Thursday, February 6, 2014

Davey 4-6 months, Clara 2 years

Here we are a year ago!  I'm catching up. :)  These pictures are from mid-January till mid-March 2013 and include lots of around-the-house pictures with a few special outings and Davey's 6 month pictures.  

taking Clara ice skating for the first time

Sweet auntie Jenna came to visit us!  We had fun with her!

Davey would put his feet together like this. :)

shushing her baby

with all of her favorites

happy and playing

love my baby boy dolly

standing up holding on at 4 1/2 months

my little baker helping make cookies

sitting in his bumbo

Daddy & Davey <3

Davey's 1st time swimming - at the YMCA

snow fort

love that little face

Ducky even ended up in the bathtub.  He rarely leaves her side, hence his presence in just about every picture!  He's basically part of the family.


kinda sitting :)

ducky pjs, ducky story book, and Ducky

They did lots of wrestling/playing/loving/snuggling around this time.

going for a ride in the laundry basket

5 months old and so cute!

Daddy and his babies

He's just yummy.

chocolate chip pancakes - one of her faves

getting some fresh air

little nurse

kisses and love

found her in her room like this :)


6 months old

Davey's 1st solid foods with the baby-led weaning approach

Clara 2 years and 3 months

Davey's 6 month pictures


Clara and I were in our first session of Mommy & Me dance class at this time.  We both LOVED it!


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