Friday, January 9, 2015

Davey's 2nd Birthday

Davey turned TWO September 20th!  We celebrated with a Planes, Trains & Automobiles birthday party with some family and friends.  David loves all things planes, trains, cars, trucks, etc. so this birthday theme was perfect for him.

Davey brings so much fun, joy and silliness to our family.  We are so honored to be his mama, dada and sissy.  Besides planes, trains and cars, Davey also loves balls, playing outside and riding his strider bike, and climbing everything in sight.  He's super sweet (most of the time;) and gives the best kisses and cuddles.  If you ask him where Jesus lives he'll point to his heart.  He ADORES his "sissy."  They are best buds.  He's very thankful and is always saying, "thanks Mama," "thanks Dada" or "thanks Sissy" for every little thing.  He can say just about everything and often will repeat what we say in the form of a question in the cutest little voice.  Like, "it's time to go to bed, Davey."  "It's time to go to bed?" :)  He likes to sleep with his little monkey.  He is all boy and we couldn't love him any more!

The night before his party I was decorating, and in the sweetest little voice David said, "Wow, pretty Mama.  Thank you." :)

opening one present the morning of his birthday

his birthday party invitation :)

our front door

birth to 2 pictures

I made this cloud to fly airplanes through.


my balloon helper

love that little grin

Happy 2nd birthday Davey!

our boy

the snacks

Grandpa & Grandma E. & aunt Emily

Great-Grandma Bisson

uncles Jordan, Zachary & Jacob

Jake & Clara <3

piñata time

How awesome is this cupcake cake?!

pretty tasty

blowing out his candle


Melissa & Cali

uncle Jake helped Davey put his race track tower together

uncle Benjamin, aunt Gabby & cousin Isaac

aunt Heather & uncle Billy

Grandma Ann, Great Grandma Bisson, Great aunts Elizabeth & Roberta

Thanks to our family and friends who helped us celebrate our sweet boy!  Love you all!

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