Sunday, January 4, 2015

Billy & Heather's wedding

Ahh my poor, neglected blog!  Life is finally slowing down a bit and I'm determined to catch up.  I have loved blogging and looking back at our year.  It also makes my pictures feel so organized!  So here's to catching up and then keeping up with it! :)

These pictures are from Billy and Heather's wedding August 9th!  It has only been almost 5 months since their big day... ;)  Yes, I am really behind.  They had a beautiful day to celebrate their love and became husband and wife.

There were several obstacles for me leading up to their wedding day.  First, I ended up having to have an emergency appendectomy the day of one of Heather's showers and Billy and Heather's bachelor and bachelorette parties.  That was fun...  And then I got my first ever flat tire on the way to their rehearsal.  I was wearing a fancy dress and heels with two toddlers in my backseat.  Michael was still at work and was suppose to meet us there.  Thankfully my brothers Daniel and Jordan and eventually Michael came to our rescue.  Unfortunately we missed most of the rehearsal.  The rehearsal dinner was a great time though!  Then the day of the wedding there was a miscommunication and Clara and Atika did not get videotaped coming down the aisle as the flower girls.  If you know me at all you know that was slightly devastating.  But life goes on and I got several adorable pictures of my sweet, little flower girl to remember that special moment.

All that to say, I think on Billy & Heather's end the day went off without a hitch and that's what matters.  Their wedding and reception were a lot of fun and represented them so well.  Congratulations you two!  So happy for you!

We also have to thank our wonderful friends who helped us out with the kids here and there throughout the day.  Abigail, Paul, Melissa & Shelby-- you are the best!  We love you!

wedding rehersal 

Clara adores her uncle Jake :)

opening her flower girl gifts

youngest to oldest :)

Love you guys!

The girls getting their hair done!

all ready!

love my gorgeous sister!

One of my favorite pictures of Clara from this whole year.  Precious!

Snack time!  It was a long day for these two not getting to nap until after the 3 o'clock wedding.

Love my big brother!

Love this one!

The flower girls did a great job! So cute!

I stole this picture from Heather's cousin on Facebook.  Love it!

Gorgeous picture of the happy couple!

someone loved the punch

first dance

mother/son dance


love my sweet boy

Clara's first words the next morning were, "I want to get up now and do more dancing.  I just wanted to rest awhile from all that dancing.  I don't want to rest anymore.  They're going to be dancing any minute." ;)  She danced the night away!

gift opening

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