Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Parties

Ladies night out December 14th!  We went out to eat at Grille 26 and went to a JJ Heller concert.  I had never heard of her before this, but I really enjoyed her music and the anecdotes she and her hubby Dave shared.

JJ Heller at USF

Clara & Natalie playing dollies at our Life Group Christmas party December 16th

our life group sweeties (minus an uncooperative Clara and a sick William)

Clara made me a necklace. :)

Clara modeling her new puffer vest for me :)

On our way to Minnetonka, MN for the Bisson Christmas party!

At our hotel ready for pizza and swimming!

beautiful girls Kierstyn & Clara

saying hi to Great-Grandma

All the little great grandkids had so much fun together!
Bryce, Nathan, Kaela & Lauren

Paul & Michael-- Who wore it best? haha

my sweet Grandma

This was such a fun idea!

celebrating Christmas with my siblings and nephew December 21st

all ready for our church's Christmas program

Boxing Day 2014 ~ December 22nd

our sweet kiddos

Brandi & fam joined us after work!

the best ones I got... ;)

They were watching a movie like this... hahaha

Jessie and Ressa came to visit!

And they brought a friend for the kids! :)  Jessie has always been so thoughtful and generous, so good at sending cards and gifts.  Thanks friend!

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