Monday, January 19, 2015

Elf & Winter Wonderland

my cute boy

Clara finished the big dinosaur puzzle.

Grandma adores her great grandkids and they adore her!

wresting with Daddy

We had a great weekend with Grandma November 8th-9th!

We played cards for hours!  I love playing cards with my Grandma.

Michael and I went to Elf The Broadway Musical at The Washington Pavilion November 12th!  It was so good!!  I really wanted to go, but we didn't find out about it until a few weeks before so the only tickets left were the really spendy ones.  I ended up finding us amazing tickets last minute on for half price!!  And thanks to our friends Brenda & Doug for taking the kids last minute.

4th row, center seats!

Baby Will's 1st "airplane" birthday party

decorating their Charlie Brown tree

With selling our house and moving last year, we didn't get to put up our tree, so this year we were extra excited to get it up and decorated!

I am cherishing these little years.  I wish I could freeze time.  I'm so grateful to be their mama.

Clara singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."  She loves singing Christmas carols.  And she's extremely precious.

my sweet baby and his snuggle buddy

We went to Winter Wonderland at Falls Park November 21st!  This is definitely going to be a tradition for us from now on.  We had so much fun!!

Coke bear and Clara

Davey with Olaf

horse drawn wagon ride around the park to look at lights

We found the perfect little hill for sledding!

This is David's first snow angel.  Ever since then whenever we're outside and there is snow around he plops down and makes a snow angel.  Like we were walking back to our car after being downtown a week later and he laid down in the little bit of grass between the street and the sidewalk and made a snow angel, then got up and kept walking with us, haha. :)

They were so excited to break in their snow shovels.

Clara and I made a countdown to Christmas chain.  This girl is my mini me in so many ways... one of them being she LOVES all things Christmas.

more snow fun

I heard Clara in the backseat say, "let's hold hands Davey."  They make my heart so happy.

Clara asked me to take a picture of her while we were shopping at Hobby Lobby. :)  She loves carrying little bags.

Celia and family came over to play.  Love them!  These girls were so cute together with their little ballerina barbies.

Clara entered a coloring contest in the local paper.  She was so proud. :)

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