Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thanksgiving & Parade of Lights

Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV :)

Grandpa horsey rides are the best.

Thanksgiving 2014

He made an airplane. :)

snuggle time

Parade of Lights downtown November 28th

Billy & Heather joined us

Clara & Matthew :)

strong, fun daddy

We made Christmas cookies!  They helped mix ingredients, roll the dough, cut out cookies and decorate them. :)

Daniel, Atika and I played an epic game of Sorry one night.  This was actually the 3rd game in a row Atika came from behind to win!

Jake and his nieces and nephews December 6th

my bearded brothers

Christmas tree photo shoot of the cuties December 7th

I love this picture because it captures them playing puppies together.  They've played puppy every. single. day. for the past 9-ish months.  They usually take turns being the puppy and the puppy's loving owner.  "Come here ruff ruff."  "That's my puppy" while hugging the puppy. :)  It's adorable.

Clara has been really into babies the past few months.  Lucky for her we have the world's cutest baby in our life group.

baby Natalie & Clara

Outdoor Campus "M" is for Moose class December 10th

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