Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birthdays, Pumpkins & Ballet

Cali & Stella had the cutest "rainbow" birthday party October 24th!

Davey loves Sam's train table

We had a beautiful fall!

We visited the pumpkin patch October 25th!

...Unfortunately we waited too long and it was really picked over.  But we still had fun!

So we went to HyVee and picked out pumpkins there!

celebrating Jordan's 25th birthday at Outback :)

Clara's last ballet practice of the fall

Michael took the day off work so he could see her practice and it was his birthday!

I just love this picture of Christina & Celia!!  So cute!

We loved having Christina teach Clara ballet!  I have known Christina since she was Clara's age.  Love her! :)

my cute birthday boy

Love!  One of my favorite pictures!

Happy 37th birthday to my husband!  I love you!

eating cake at Amelia's "Frozen" birthday party :)

beautiful day for the park October 29th

last day of Sing 'n Sprout

loved this time with these two

Miss Leah is so sweet and talented!

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