Thursday, January 19, 2017

10th Annual Boxing Day

December 26th was our TENTH annual Boxing Day!  My girls Keira, Jessica, Renae and I started a tradition of getting together the day after Christmas (called Boxing Day in Canada and the United Kingdom) while we were all still home visiting for the holidays.  Every year we exchange ornaments.  There have been some years where only three of us could make it or we got together on another day near Christmas that worked out better for everyone, but overall we've pretty much kept this fun tradition intact for 10 years.  Love these childhood friends SO MUCH!  They are still some of my very best friends and I'm so thankful for them.  This year we had TEN kiddos between the four of us!!

Jessica brought dress up clothes for the kids and Davey loved this knight costume!

The seven "big" kids

Love you beautiful friends!

We were sad Nick had to work!


The "triplets" were all born less than 3 weeks apart.

Love these sweet faces!  Pretty amazing they all sat there for a picture, huh?!

Boxing Day part two was just for the mamas!  We were SO happy Brandi could join us!  "Happy hour" with good friends is so good for the soul!

And now, in honor of our 10th Boxing Day anniversary, a little walk down memory lane...

First annual Boxing Day!


Michael had just gotten back from his second deployment and the army wouldn't let him leave the area yet so we were stuck in Texas.  The girls Skyped me in for Boxing Day!  And apparently this was before I learned how to take a screen shot, ha!  You can see me in the bottom taking an actual picture of my screen.



This is technically not Boxing Day!  It's the end of October here and everyone was home for Davey's baby shower.  We were living in Aberdeen at the time and came home the week before Christmas for a family Christmas party so I missed getting together with the girls. 😔  But then Keira came to me right after Christmas! 💜



Jessica and I had to get together with Keira and Renae separately this year since their time home didn't overlap.  Unfortunately we dropped the picture ball when we celebrated with Renae.  I only took this one picture of baby Ellie. 💕




So fun to look back on these past 10 years of Boxing Day!  Love you Jessica, Renae, and Keira!!!  Here's to many more decades of laughter, friendship, and celebrating together!


  1. Love this Angela!! Love you! ❤️

    1. Love you Jess! So thankful to have such amazing friends!

  2. This is INCREDIBLE!!! I feel so honored to be part of it!!

    1. I feel the same way! I don't think I would have thought to do this if you hadn't pointed out this was our 10th Boxing Day! Crazy!