Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kids' Christmas Program

We had a fairly uneventful first half of January mostly due to the fact that my sweet Emma was sick for about a week and a half.  So there were lots of cuddles and playing at home for us.

I did manage to sneak away for a few hours for supper with some of my besties.  Chatting and laughing with them is one of my most favorite things.

Daniel and Atika braved our apartment even though Emma was still not feeling well so we could hang out one more time before they headed back to Florida.  We miss them already!  I loved getting to watch Atika's play Daniel had recorded.  She was born for the stage, that one! 😉  And Clara loves getting clothes, books, etc. that Atika has outgrown!

making sauerkraut with Daddy

still smiley even when she is not feeling the best

Clara and Davey love having a real life dolly to play with!  They are always setting up play areas for her.

Emma had her first outing in over a week when she was finally starting to feel better.  Auntie Heather's hat she got for Clara is being put to good use once again. ;)

This sweet boy plays with his Imaginext guys and other figures pretty much nonstop.  Michael helped him make a couple wrestling rings and he often has the figures facing off.  He shakes the "ring" till all but one of the figures fall out, thus declaring the champion.  When he does these wrestling matches one on one he carefully place the guys into a winners' circle and a losers' circle.  It's pretty adorable.

just a couple of sisters playing 💕

Emma trying brown rice for the first time.  She's showing more and more interest in food.  Cucumbers are by far her favorite!

Clara and Davey's Christmas program at church was rescheduled for January 15th due to the weather at Christmastime.  Don't worry, we took our tree down shortly after this. 😉

Clara and the kindergarten class ready to go on stage! 😊

Love these sweet friends.

I love watching all the kids perform their songs!  It's so sweet!

Clara was all smiles when she spotted us in the audience (red dress, second row on the left).

Davey did SO GOOD during their rehearsal before church.  For some reason it didn't occur to me to take pictures during the rehearsal.  Something bummed him out after rehearsal.  (He was crying when I went to go check on him right before church.)  So that coupled with being up on stage in front of everyone and just the fact that he's four and was over it at this point, he didn't get into it too much during the program.  It was a bit of a bummer because we had been practicing the kids' songs at home for weeks and he would always exuberantly sing them, but what do you do.  Did anyone happen to take pictures during the rehearsal??

The preschools' individual song was "This Little Light of Mine" and Davey and Clara sing that song to Emma on a regular basis if she's the least bit upset and it usually works to calm her down. 💕

Clara saying, "Christ is born this day."  So proud of that girl for saying a line up on stage in front of everyone!

duck duck goose with friends after church

Davey was all smiles then. 😊

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