Sunday, January 22, 2017

Family Christmas Party

New Year's Day we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family at my Mom & Kevin's home.  Everyone was there except my brother Jordan who is in AUSTRALIA!  He's a crazy adventurer living his traveling dreams right now and making vlogs along the way.  We miss him so much, but it's so fun following along on his journey.  Anyway, it was nice to be with the rest of my family and especially great that my sister (who was most recently living in California) and my brother and niece from Florida were able to be home.

I snagged some of these pictures from my brother Daniel.  He's great behind the camera as well as video camera.  It's so awesome having family who share my love of pictures, video and documenting.  Love the Christmas tree lights in these shots.

Speaking of uncle Daniel! 😉  I had to get some pictures with him while he was home.  I'm realizing though that I'm more intentional about getting pictures with siblings that live far away when they're home and kind of take for granted the ones that live nearby.  I need to get them in more shots, too!

Sweet baby Emma often puts her hand up on the chin of whoever is holding her. 😊

This is the only way Clara is comfortable with dogs... if there is a window in between them! Ha!

Clara and the sweet baby girls

I love this picture Daniel took of all the cousins.  I think it's safe to say those three baby girls are pretty adored by the "big" kids!

These pictures are so priceless to me because I know the years will go by too quickly.  I love looking back at cousin photos when I was little.  #builtinfriendsforlife

These two best buddies played so well together all day long.

Love.  Love.  Love.

I'm not much of a pet person myself, but as my sister said, these cats and dog are their babies.  My mom and Kevin have a dog and two cats (although one of the cats is Zachary's), Jenna has a cat and Ben and Gabby have a cat.  The three kittens are actually all Jenna's cat's babies.

Miss you Jordan!

Grandma Ann and all of her grandbabies!  Another classic shot for the ages.

This picture of Clara that Daniel took is so cute!  She looks so little here.

I love my sister.  She's such a beautiful soul, inside and out.

Present time!


nieces and nephew opening our gifts

Thank you aunt Gabby and uncle Benji!

my pretty sister Jenna and her beloved Echo

I love this little one who made me an auntie!  What a treasure she is...

I got Zachary in the sibling gift exchange.  He's looking ready for the slopes!

This picture cracks me up!  Gabby's handmade oven mitts has my husband looking like a little boy on Christmas morning!

Michael got Billy Cowboys apparel, of course. 😉

And Billy got me Michael Bubé's newest CD and Nicholas Sparks' latest book!  Thank you Billy!!!  #happyhappy

It was a great day spent with some of my favorite people!  And that, my friends, finally wraps up my Christmas season recap!  We just took down our decorations last week and my Christmas loving Clara is still singing carols. :) #weloveChristmas

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