Monday, January 23, 2017

Pavilion Adventures

The kids are loving Davey's glow in the dark teepee from Grandma!  Such a fun space to play, look at books or watch a movie.

We took the plunge and got a Washington Pavilion membership a few weeks ago.  They had been running a half off deal, so we decided just to go for it.  We knew the kids would love their science center and cinedome. 

We met the Murrays and the Andersons the morning of the 3rd and had a great time!  

Ha!  Can you tell those two are siblings or what?!  They were all having a great time exploring and checking everything out.

Clara and Davey loved the interactive model of the space station.  They have been watching documentaries about planets and space with their daddy lately.

I love that they have a rock wall!  So so fun!

Parker and Clara are racing here.  Davey absolutely loved these racing wheelchair bikes... or are they called something else?

Love it.  Dream big little ones. 😊

We had to take a picture to text Daddy.  Looking forward to him coming with us next time.

Such a fun morning!  The science center exceeded my expectations and we are so excited to make good use of our membership all year long.

And this little one is on the move checking everything out.  She crawled into the teepee to play all on her own. 😊

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